He currently serves Noor Investment Group, Dubai as Sharia Manager, which include its subsidiaries (Noor Bank, Noor Takaful, Noor Awqaf , Noor Trade) and externally acts as Shariah Adviser for Bena Capital, a United States based Islamic real estate fund company. Previously he served Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia as Head of Shariah Advisory. Specializing in Sharia advisory, secretariat, and review as well as Sharia audit and training, he manages various stakeholders including Shariah Boards, CEO office, Treasury, Debt Capital Market, International Trade, Wealth Mangement, Retails and Corporate Devisions within the Group.

With proficiency in English, Arabic and Malay he achieved his Master in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management from University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, Degree in Shariah Islamiyyah from Al Azhar University, and Usul Fiqh postgraduate study in Syria. He received his intense training in Fiqh and Usul Fiqh from number of eminence scholars such as Sheikh Dr. Mohd Said Ramadan Al-Bouti, Sheikh Dr. Mustafa Dib Al-Bugha and Sheikh Ahmad Darwish.

In Noor Investment Group, he works closely with world’s leading Islamic Banking Scholars such as Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Ali Elgari, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Sattar Abu Ghuddah, Sheikh Datuk Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar, and Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Abdul Rahim Sultan Al Olama. While previously in Al Rajhi Bank he has been working with scholars such as Sheikh Dr Saleh Abdullah Al Lheidan, Sheikh Burhanuddin Lukman, Shiekh Dr. Azman Mohd Noor, Sheikh Dr. Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman and Sheikh Dr Mohammed Hael Al-Madhagi. Presently, he has managed the issuance of 433 Sharia fatwas and decisions to the Banks.

As internal Shariah adviser and officer, he has supervised various Islamic products, structures and legal documentations, including 53 Debt Capital Market Sukuk and Syndicated Financing on top of numbers of Treasury ,Retails and Corporate transaction,. He was the Shariah supervisor for Islamic Unit Trust Investment Fund as well sat in various internal  committee namely Shariah Compliant Working Committee, Operational Risk Working Committee, Purification Working Committee and MS 1900:2005 (Quality Management from Islamic Perspectives) Certifications Committee.

His audit experience with 28 Sharia Audit exercise in Malaysia and United Arab Emirates made him recently leads the first Sharia Audit Integration into Noor Bank Internal Audit Program strengthening the internal control of the Bank.

In training area, he acts as the Shariah training coordinator/trainer for Islamic Banking products where he has conducted 79 training sessions (157 hours) including initiation of Ijarah Home Finance Sharia Certification for Noor Bank, Dubai. Externally, he has presented various Sharia trainings and lectures in United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, India, United Kingdom and Germany.