Summary of Services

We offer services which are mainly related to Syariah advisory and consultancy :

  1. Syariah Compliance Audit & Review. The scrutiny of the relevant operations and activities of a company resulting in the publication of an independent opinion on whether or not the products, activities and operation are in conformity with the Shariah law.
  2. Consultancy on Islamic Products and Business Advisory. Setting manuals, guidelines, providing assistance and undertaking services to meet clients’ needs to be in line with the requirement of Shariah.
  3. Provision of Training courses on Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Market; Islamic Stockbroking, Investments, Takaful and many more.
  4. Product design and provision of consultancy services in other areas of Islamic Financing, Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Markets, Islamic Investments & Takaful.
  5. Provide Islamic contents for higher educational program, public and telco content provider.
  6. Play the role of Shariah Advisor for corporate companies and government agencies.
  7. Providing research & development. Supporting commerce and industry in high quality research and business development in line with the requirement of Syariah.


  • Address:No.06-1F, Pinggiran Mutiara Utama, Tmn Mutiara Gombak 2, Gombak, 53100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Phone:03 6177 4612
  • Email:elzarshariah@yahoo.com
  • Fax:03 6177 4613
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