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Product Designing, Innovation & Development

We want your Shariah based product to achieve triumph in the market, thus we provide service of designing product that suit the Shariah Principles. We would like to hear out our client’s visions and aspirations regarding their soon to be product, and together with our skilled experts and thorough understanding in Islamic Finance, we will design the product that is aligned with our clients’ expectation as well as Shariah Standards.

We also provide provision of consultancy services in other other areas of Islamic Financing, Islamic Banking, Islamic Instruments, Islamic Investments & Takaful.

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Shariah Reviews & Audit

We at Elzar will aid in analyse and examine the whole operation and activities of an Islamic entity resulting in the publication of an independent opinion on whether or not the activities and operation are truly Shariah compliance. Certificate will be issued annually as a prove that the company is in line with shariah way of conduct. Hopefully this will in turn boost the company’s business.

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Research & Development

Supporting commerce and industry in business development in line with the requirement of syariah.

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Shariah & Islamic Advisory

We at Elzar Shariah Solutions will engage with our clients from wide range of local companies which intend to produce Shariah-compliant product, and allow our clients to brief their business model. After which both parties have satisfied and understood the model well, our experts will then start constructing guidelines, setting manuals, providing assistance and undertaking services to meet clients’ needs to be in line with the requirement of Shariah.

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Shariah Trainings

Elzar shariah solutions & Advisory offer training consultation for Islamic Finance Institutions which plan to train its employees on Islamic Finance, either in-house training, or by cooperating with other training centres. We also organise training courses for junior Shariah Advisor, or those whom interested to get to know what does it take to become an excellent Shariah Advisor especially in today’s world. Apart from that, other courses that’ll be organised are courses on Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Market, Islamic Stockbroking & Investments, and Takaful.

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Islamic Content Provider

Beside arranging courses and trainings which packed with Islamic content, we at Elzar also provide Islamic Content for any educational program and telco content provider that might have massive interest in Islamic content. Ranging from simple Islamic articles and slides, to handbook and paper work on any issue interested.

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Curriculum & Syllabus Provider

We provide curriculum & syllabus for any academic institutions wished to initiate a major of Islamic Finance. We aim to assist these academic institutions by suggesting the content related, references, as well as curriculum and syllabus, or we can revise the already-established-one that they own.

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1halalfinance Fintech

Coming Soon.

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Shariah Compliance Parameters for Business

When clients brief their business model, our skillful experts will analyse, thus structuring Shariah Compliant parameter for their particular business. This will include not only contract, but also maqasid al shariah, financial reporting and as well as legal documentation of contract for determining Shariah legitimacy of financial instruments in our client’s company.

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Shariah Compliance for Financial Contracts

We provide Shariah Compliance for Financial Contracts service for financial companies, as well as corporates to analyse their business models, especially their financial contract in order to guarantee their way of conduct is in line with Shariah Standard. We will then give detail layout of their financial contract status, what possible Islamic contract that really applied, be it Salam, Partnership, Lease, Agency or others. If there are parts that can altered for the company to really meet shariah requirements, will also be advised.

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Shariah Compliance for Investment Funds & Equity Funds

As the world grows, and corporate companies and businesses starting to have their eyes on Shariah compliant investment, we take the opportunity to provide Shariah Compliant advisory for Investment Funds and Equity Funds. We will ensure to proscribed investments, assist and suggest in appointing a Shariah board and carrying out an audit, purifying of income, screening of assets, and custody arrangements and trading agreements.

The investments will be set to avoid from prohibited industries, avoid business from any interest-bearing instrument, and absolutely avoid any industries that is clearly unfit to the Shariah Principles. All this are done to assure a clean investment which respect shariah requirements.

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