Elzar Shariah Solutions achieved remarkable recognition in Islamic finance, winning the title of Best Shariah Advisory Firm 2022 at the prestigious Global Islamic Finance Award organized by Cambridge IFA. Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman, the CEO of company, was honored as Upcoming Global Shariah Scholar. These awards, presented by the President of Djibouti, validate their exceptional expertise and contributions to Islamic finance, cementing their position as a leading player in the industry.
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Your Specialize End-To-End Islamic Finance Solution
Our primary goal is to support businesses in implementing Shariah principles within both financial and non-financial institutions and organizations, thus advancing the realms of Islamic Finance and Economy. Additionally, we offer assistance in the areas of technology and good governance to further enhance their operations.
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Comprehensive Islamic Finance Solutions
We possess comprehensive expertise and experience in providing Shariah and business advisory services to a wide range of entities, including Government Agencies, Public Listed Companies, Micro and SME companies. Our areas of coverage extend to various financial products, Islamic capital markets, fund raising, structured products, P2P lending, crowdfunding, Fintech, EdTech, microfinancing, academic research, core banking systems, Waqaf and Donation platforms, halal food and beverages, and much more.
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Elzar Shariah solution


A professional advisory and consultancy firm specializing in Islamic Finance & Modern Businesses

Shariah Compliant Financial Product Designing & Development

Designing a product requires both hard work and creativeness.
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Shariah Reviews & Audit

Here in Elzar we offer the service of reviewing and auditing your financial contracts.
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research & Development

Supporting commerce and industry in business development in line with the requirement of syariah.
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Shariah & islamic advisory

We advise on all Shariah-based products and services regulated by the SC and qualified to be appointed as a Shariah adviser for companies and corporate entities.
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shariah trainings

Elzar Shariah Solutions & Advisory provides in-house training for junior Shariah Advisor and anyone interested in becoming an outstanding Shariah Advisor.
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zakat calculation & collection

Let us help to calculate zakat payable amount for your business
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curriculum & syllabus provider

We provide curriculum & syllabus for academic institutions and corporate entities by suggesting and structuring new custom-made syllabus
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islamic estate planning services

Let us assist your estate and inherintance planning including hibah etc
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shariah screener for algorithm based investment

Visit us at for more info on our Fintech
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shariah compliance for investment & equity funds

Investments will be set to void prohibited industries, making business from any interest-bearing instruments, and any industries seemed clearly unfit according to the Shariah Principles.
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our company

ABOUT elzar shariah

Elzar Shariah Solutions & Advisroy is a professional Shariah advisory and consultancy firm specializing in end-to-end Islamic Finance solutions. We offer a wide range of services including Shariah advisory and consultancy, audit services and research and development for financial institution and corporate clients.

our executive chairman

adjunct professor dr. zaharuddin abdul rahman

Adjunct Professor Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman has extensive 20 years of corporate, Islamic banking and finance experience, including products structure, Islamic capital market, entrepreneurship, business, legal, audit and risk. He is also the Founder Founding Managing Director of Elzar Group of companies.


world halal BrandLeadership

THe BrandLaureate e-Branding Award 2021

In the revered sphere of Shariah acquiescence and halal observation, Adjunct Professor Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman is a renowned visage exuding tremendous feats of achievement worthy of emulation and praise.

Elzar Shariah Solution & Advisory

To provide customized solutions through our Shariah advisory and consultancy.



There’s great of companies out there wishing to employ Shariah Advisor for their company. Realising this, we welcomed those who wished to become knowledgable in Islamic Finance and becoming Shariah Advisors. 

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